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1. How To Gain attention:

Quickly gain a person's attention by asking a question that starts with "I'm just curious . . . how do you feel about working hard every day, so the owner of your company can have a bigger house?" The I'm just curious beginning will grab their attention and tap right into their unconscious mind (the part of their mind that makes decisions). You will get better results by starting your questions with "I'm just curious..."

2. Uncover and tap into your "WHY".
That's the deep-seeded reason why you are in the financial business. For some, it's to earn enough in the financial business to quit their job, so they can enjoy time freedom. For some, it's to free their spouse from restricting work situation. For others, it's to have more time with their children or to travel the world or to help the less fortunate. Figure out your WHY and it will drive you to succeed in your business.

3. MAP your way to success in business.
You wouldn't go on a cross-country automobile trip without consulting a map to find the best route, would you?
So, why would you try to navigate the business world without a M.A.P. = Marketing Action Plan. This plan will include your WHY, Goals that will enable you to accomplish your why, daily action steps that will help you reach your goals, and a plan to put those steps into action each day.

4. Advertise and get the word our about your business.
If you opened a new restaurant or retail store, you would certainly contact everyone you know and let them know about your business. Perhaps you would make a phone call or send out a mailer. I recommend both. Send out a mailer and then give them a call to personally invite them to check out your business. Beyond, those you know, find inexpensive ways that you can advertise your business in the local area - Penny Saver papers, posting business cards/brochures on bulletin boards, flyers placed on windshields, targeted newsletters and email lists. The more you spread the word about your business, the quicker it will grow.

5. Want to grab someone's attention?
Say, "I just found out" and they will definitely listen to what follows. "I just found out people are earning an extra paycheck each week." "I just found out how yo legally not pay taxes...." "I just found how to get out of debt sooner without spending any extra money." What did you just find out, that you could share with people you know and meet?

6. Here's another great attention gaining question that also has the potential to uncover some pain areas:
"What are your two greatest financial challenges?"
When they reveal their two challenges, ask questions about how that is impacting their life, family, future.
Then you can provide a solution, through your business.

7. The Bible tells us that people perish for lack of vision.
After over 2 decades in the financial business, I can say for sure that this is true in our profession. If you have a solid vision of where you are going, you will work toward that every day and nothing will get in your way. Without a compelling vision, you will come up with ever excuse in the world for not succeeding. So, what's vision? Right now, write a vision statement describing your business vision and post it where you will see it every day.

8. To help with your vision, create a Dream Board.
This is a piece of poster board with photos of things you want, places you want to go, people you want to meet, and what your lifestyle will look like, once you have achieved a high level of success in your business. Put your Dream Board where you will see it every day, to remind you of your compelling vision.

9. Very often you are going to have people ask what you do for a living.
It's critical that you have a stock answer you have memorized and internalized, so that it comes out of you naturally.
If you are working a full-time job and your business on the side, you could say, "My full-time job is as an Accountant (or whatever you do), but I'm building my fortune through a part-time business." The key in whatever you say is to just give them enough to create curiosity, so they will ask for more information.

10. Don't reinvent the wheel in your business.
There are leaders in your company who have already achieved success. Find out what they are doing and do it. is a business of duplication, not innovation. Those who can duplicate best are the ones who make all the money. The innovators are always trying to create a better way and never make any money. Which one are you going to be?

Extra Credit

11. Belief is critical to your success in the financial business.
You must first have a strong belief in our profession. If you have any nagging doubts about whether this is legal, moral, or ethical, then it will subconsciously sabotage your business., Next you need to believe in your company and products.
You can accomplish this by participating in all the company and trainer training - webinars, teleconferences, web based, , live meetings, etc.
Finally, you need to believe in yourself and that you can be successful in . One of the best ways to build this belief is to seek out the profession success stories and you will quickly find people, just like you, who have achieved amazing success in the financial business. I also recommend daily self development through books, CD's, DVD's, seminars, webinars, teleconferences and so on. Here are a few to start - The Bible (particularly Proverbs), Think and Grow Rich (book or MP3), As a Man Thinketh (book or MP3), The Compound Effect (book), The Slight Edge (book or CD), Success Magazine (monthly publication with CD), Millionaire Mind Intensive (3 day training developed by T. Harve Ekker). You can also ask your trainer and leaders what they recommend. Become a student of success, put what you learn into action, and you will enjoy tremendous success in your business and life.

12. You are what you think and say.
If you allow them, your thoughts will eventually come out of your mouth and then result in actions. If you start with negative thoughts about your business or your ability to be successful in , then that is what will come out of your mouth and the following actions will sabotage your business. However, if you are filling your mind with positive information, then your thoughts and what you say will be positive, and the resulting actions will cause you to be successful in business.

See You at the TOP!!!!