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Adapted From the book Beach Money by Jordan Adler

When you achieve a passive residual income that pays you whether you go to work or not, you can live anywhere in the world that you choose.  You may choose to live on the beach, in the city, in the mountains, on a lake or in the desert.

Or you may choose to travel the world, spend more time with your family and friends or contribute your time a volunteer helping those in need.

 Here's how...

Residual income is well within your reach. In my opinion, our business is the quickest and safest route to residual

income for those that don't have much to start with. With the right opportunity, you will receive the real life training and

education you need to succeed in your new enterprise.


Here are a few ways to create your Beach Money lifestyle: 


VISIT THE BEACH (Or wherever you really want to be)

You must fuel your dream. You must feel it, smell it, taste it and

touch it. It must become so real for you that nothing will stop you from

having it.


In order to engage all of your senses in the experience of

'owning' it, I recommend actually spending some time

experiencing what it is you are pursuing as your ultimate

dream. If you plan on spending 1/2 the year at the Beach, then

start by spending 1 or 2 days a quarter there. Tease yourself

with your dream so that you want it so bad it hurts.

While you're visiting, make sure and take lots of pictures and

put them where you can see them every day. Send dream pictures to yourselve


Your subconscious mind will go to work on your reality.

I had a dream to spend 1 week per month at the beach. I began

by visiting once or twice per year, and today, I have a place that

I rent one week per month, right on the beach! You must make

your dream so real that you are drawn to it like a magnet.


 Our lives become so busy and complex that it becomes very difficult to 'squeeze' anything else in. Days turn into weeks and

weeks turn in to months. We look for and wait for the right time to fit in our plans for building our team, and it seems to never

be quite right. We must look for ways to simplify to the point that the most important things get done first.

Most people are very busy and we all seem to fill all of the hours in a day.

 I recommend, writing down (not just talking about them or thinking about them) the five areas in your life that are most

important to you. Post them where you can see them daily. There is no science to this. Simply write down what are the most important five things. Each day, look at this list and do something each day that supports your true priorities.

For example:



You can change them as you need to, but by having a list posted, you will begin to focus on what's important to you.

 All of the little unimportant things can be worked in around your biggest priorities.

I know, for me, I tend to want to get all the non-important things out of the way before I tackle the big stuff. The problem is, I never get to the big important stuff with this strategy. I must handle the big stuff first and let the little non-important things wait 'til later. For me, this is tough to do, so I must have a written plan.

 Imagine that you are going to be living your life with purpose, instead of just letting things happen to you. You have areas that are important and you want to be sure you spend time working in each area throughout your week.

 SIMPLIFY, by posting what's  important somewhere that you will see every day—many times a day.

 Remove the clutter from your life.

Do you have piles and projects stacked up on your desk or on the floor? Do these piles

and projects distract you? Do the piles seem to 'talk to you' each time you walk by them? Do you feel the stress of this complexity in your life?

Get them out of sight. Even if it means having one drawer, box or closet that you put all of your 'clutter' in just to get it out of

sight. You may choose to schedule a day or two on your calendar to go through these piles at a later time, but most importantly, get them out of sight. By simplifying, and cleaning up your environment, your life will work much better.



Technology will allow you to leverage your time and live anywhere you choose. Most of these tools can be learned in minutes as long as you know how to pull up a website or dial a phone. In my opinion, you must master using the following simple tools if you are to have a Beach Money Lifestyle:

3-Way Calling


We are in the business of connecting people and leveraging relationships. In the beginning, you may 3-way your new people in by phone with a coach/trainer for training, credibility, etc. As you and your business grows, you will be assisting your new teammates in getting their businesses started by allowing them to 3-way their new people with you. You can offer them coaching, ideas, answer questions, etc.

This is one of the most powerful tools you have at your fingertips.

A business Master once told me that I could increase my income by $80,000 per year by learning to do 3-way calls. I fumbled through my first 2 or 3 calls and guess what? I got really good at them and my income increased by more than $80,000 per year. You can do 3-way calls from anywhere... including the beach!


Conference Calling


I use

Teleconferencing will allow you to bring your team together by phone for weekly or monthly training, presentations, recognition, etc.

I have a daily call that allows me to communicate with my team. We go over training, strategy, announcements and promotions. You set it up and e-mail the

dial in number to everyone that you want on the call. They just dial the number and everyone is on at once regardless of where they live.


 When you have information or a demonstration that you want to communicate 'live' to a group of people all at the same time, I recommend webcasting. Imagine 5, 10, 50, 100 or more people all gathering around your computer at the

same time. But what if they live all over the world?

 As long as each person has Internet access, they can all log in to a website that you provide at exactly the same time and they can all see YOUR computer screen! This is a powerful technology that can be used from anywhere.

I use, (FREE)

Google hang outs and Zoom

Meeting Burner and GoToWebinar for my web meetings. (can also be used not free)

 Greeting Cards

I send beautiful greeting cards through the US Mail right from a website called I want to make sure that everyone in my network knows that I'm thinking about them and appreciate them on a regular basis.

Timing is everything and I want to be sure they think of me when the time is right to make a positive change in their life.

I send thank you cards, birthday cards, holiday cards, sympathy cards, thinking of you cards, congratulations, cards, etc to everyone in my network on a regular basis.

 Text Messaging

Most people under the age of 40 use text messaging to communicate in this fast paced world we live in. The greatest, most entrepreneurial generation is this 40 and

under group. If you don't learn to text message, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to build a giant team.

These people demand that you text message.


Social Networking

These are great websites for finding people that are hidden in your network. Many people have a network of thousands of people that they don't know they have. The two best are, and,

for finding lost people in your network and making connections with new people, too.



 I have found that my business grows faster when I meet and get to know people that have large networks already in place.

 I look for opportunities to meet and get to know people that do business with people that would do business with me.

These people are typically successful and busy. You cannot waste their time. You must look for ways to contribute to their success.

 I make friends with everyone, but I also recognize that if I am going to

play a big game, I must hang out with others that are playing a big game.



 Commit to growing in the area of communication. Take personal development and leadership courses to work on yourself.

Communication and leadership are the two most important skills necessary for growth in our business.

 Work harder on yourself than you work on your business.

As you grow, so will your business.

 I recommend reading at least one book per month and take at least 2 courses/seminars/big events per year.

(Reading just 10 pages a day will get you one book read a month- on average)


 This is one of the most important things you can do to create

your beach money life. Most people never get the support team in place that they truly need because they think it is too expensive or that they can't afford it. You must start by thinking like someone who has the life you are looking for.

Successful Beach Money Entrepreneurs, hire others to do the things that they can't or don't want to do. In the beginning, you may not have a full-time housekeeper or gardener, but you can begin by bringing someone in once or twice per month. Your goal should be to outsource all of the things that stress you out or that you are not that good at.


Work your way into this if you need to, but start right away.
Beginning to 
outsource was the best decision I have ever made.

 I started by bringing in a housekeeper once per month and paying a bookkeeper to pay my bills and keep my records. My life became so much easier once I started doing this. Look for the things that stress you out. The cost of that stress is much greater than the price of having someone else do the thing that is stressing you out. Look for someone that likes to do those things you can't stand. If you are not a great organizer and you have lots of disorganization in your life, hire someone to come in and help you create systems for getting organized. If you don't do a good job of keeping great records, let a bookkeeper do it for you. Again, you must become the person you plan on being. A Beach Money Entrepreneur has outsourced all the things they don't like to do.


 Beach Money is not working for your Money. Beach Money comes from creating opportunity for others and then getting a cut of what they do each month.

You must shift your thinking from 'going to work to get a check' to 'helping someone become self-sufficient in a their new business.

 You get paid for what you start, not for what you do.

  Periodically I will have professionals that have just joined our Business for the first time come to me with their frustrations. "I am working very hard with very little to show for it!" You WILL work hard and get paid very little in the beginning.

In fact, you may question whether it is worth it. As long as you are equating your pay with the work you put in, you will struggle to launch your business.

 It’s the difference between carrying buckets of water from the river to your family day in and day out OR building a pipeline.

 The pipeline will cost you more money and take more time but in the end, the pipeline will not only supply water to your family, but to many other families as well. In fact you will not only receive your water for free and never have to carry a bucket again, but other families will pay you for their water!

Working for your money may pay the bills, but you'll be working for the rest of your life. The goal is to STOP working for your money and to become an entrepreneur that provides opportunity to others. You will be compensated to the extent that you help others find success in their businesses.


 I see myself as a people connector. The more connections I create between people in my life, the more successful I become and the less my business will depend on me for growth.

Your job is to divest yourself of your business's need to have you working in it. The quickest way to do this is to put people

together and let them create synergies together. You can do this both inside and outside of your business.


INSIDE YOUR BUSINESS: As you introduce members of your team to each other at events, on conference calls, etc, they will begin to build friendships and will support each other on their journey. This is the key to growth and retention. You will also find that they will become less dependent on your for information and support (this is important for freeing up your time so you can spend more time at the beach!)


OUTSIDE OF YOUR BUSINESS: As you introduce members of your business network to each other, they will discover opportunities that will bring value to their

businesses. They will see you as a valuable resource and an important member of their network.

Partnerships between people create value. Your introductions can lead to some of the greatest opportunities for you and others. Look for opportunities to introduce people to each other as much as possible!


 I believe that 'small is big' in Our Business. Many little successes lead to big successes. I'll get calls from people that want to go after the Big Corporation thinking that this is where the big money is.

 Actually, the big money is in the small money. To create lots of growth, great retention and low volatility, you must have lots of people each doing a little. Supported by a few doing alot.

 Do what's duplicatable.

It's not duplicatable to get a big company signed up. Find a few, who find a few, who find a few.

Lots and lots of little successes lead to a huge monthly paycheck.

You may have heard the saying . . .

"How do you eat an elephant?... One bite at a time."

Remember small is big in our business.

Inevitably people that chase the big fish rarely get it and if they do, it's short-lived and definitely doesn't duplicate.

When you focus on lots of little successes, you get multiple benefits:

 If some people stop working there are many others that are still growing.

Your business will grow into every nook and cranny of the world on its own as people work to build their own little businesses.

Your business becomes completely protected from regional catastrophes. When Katrina hit, many businesses found themselves unable to recover. The terrorist attack of Sept 11th meant bankruptcy for many local businesses. When you focus on the small successes and grass roots business growth trouble in one part of the country doesn't spell financial ruin for you and your business.

Remember that if you can collect a few pennies each day from hundreds of thousands of people you will be much better off in the long run than collecting a lot of money from a few large sources.


 If you are looking for true BEACH MONEY, you must choose the right opportunity. There are many great money making opportunities in the marketplace.

 You must have an exit strategy... in other words, the system you align yourself with

must produce a residual income stream that you can build up over time and eventually walk away from if you want to slow down someday.

There are quite a few opportunities that help you create nice bonus money up front, but are weak on the residual side.

 Make sure that the ladder you are climbing is leaning up against the right building!

 There are many opportunities that sound great, but don't have the infrastructure or management to survive for the long haul.

 Remember, your LONG TERM income is dependent on your company having a long shelf life. There are never any guarantees, but there are things to be aware of before investing time and money in to your opportunity.