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Bryan Daly

Seeks To Change the World

Bryan's Story

I believe in doing well by doing good.

I grew up in Corporate America but have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. My professional career started in the accounting/tax world and I have been in the financial industry since 1985.

I have a bachelors degree in accounting from Rutgers University and graduate study in taxation at Florida Atlantic University. I have worked as a Senior Tax Accountant and Senior Auditor for a Big Six International Accounting Firm. I also worked on Wall Street for a major investment bank. I am insurance licensed in several states and I am a Registered Investment Advisor.

The purpose of my financial team is to support as many people as possible in their journey to financial freedom. Most people have absolutely no idea that a tax-free, market risk-free, gains-locked-in, liquid, and congressionally approved solution to retirement has been sitting right under their noses for years. I show people innovative ways to make, manage, and save money. And nobody ever went broke saving money

What makes me different?

I am completely independent and objective when making planning recommendations. I do not owe allegiance to any particular firm, financial product, or company. I have the complete and total freedom to make unbiased, prudent financial choices for my clients.

Founder New Life Financial Planning LLC.
Investment Fiduciary.

 Life and Annuities: Risk Free, Debt Free, and Tax Free for Life.
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Bryan Daly

Founder CEO

New Life Financial Alliance &
New Life Financial Planning


Founder New Life Financial Planning LLC.
Investment Fiduciary