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What we do

We are independent and free of any obligation to any parent company or product provider. We believe we can best fulfill our fiduciary responsibility by providing completely unbiased financial solutions through our carefully structured and monitored platform of independent, unaffiliated third party money managers and insurance carriers.

As an additional commitment to always doing what is in the best interest of the client, we have removed the conflict of interest that may arise when a firm offers its own proprietary or privately operated investment solution which inherently includes the opportunity for more revenue to the firm as opposed to using unaffiliated third party product providers.
We are affiliated with of top rated and well respeted financial providers in the nation. We shop the marketplace searching for the finest financial compnaies and solution and deliver them to our clients.

At New Life Financial Planning (NLFP),  your dreams matter. We understand the challenges that make it harder to achieve your financial goals, and we’re ready to provide the education, coaching, and advice. We believe your financial success, no matter your current situation or economic status, is achievable.

Our mission, to help build and protect wealth for people from all walks of life, so you don’t have to go it alone. Your NLFP associate will walk alongside you in your journey to financial success, helping you assess your situation, understand how money works, and find the products and services that can best fit your needs. No matter what your goals, it’s important to start taking control of your money now and let it start working for you.

Your better tomorrows can begin today.