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A 4 step approach that is very effective.
You use it in a very casual manner with people you know, and with new people you meet.

1) I got a GREAT STORY to tell.
2) It takes 2 WHOLE minutes.
3) It might make you a lot of money, it might not.
4) Want to hear it?

Because this is a subconscious command to listen, even if you are aware that it is being used on you, you will drawn in by it, despite yourself.

That inner chatter pipes up:
Most think to themselves

“I love stories! Tell me one!!
Gotta hear it all the way to the end! Might make me a lotta money!! Better listen closely!!!
its only 2 minutes
Do I wanna hear it… YES!!!”

So what story do you tell them?

Best option is your own STORY

if you’ve been around a while tell your success stories, and your teams success stories and people who has had success.

The ideal STORY is How they were a regular person just like us (them), found this part time business, and were able to make a big change in their life with that stream of income, and the time and freedom it bought them.

Then when they ask, well how does that work?
It works GREAT

“I’m just getting started, so I wouldn’t be able to explain everything. I’m working directly with < trainer’s name>, and he’s teaching me the skills I need.

Let’s get together with him (by phone or online or at a live tour) and he can answer all your questions.