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There are no shortcuts to building something good and special

No. 1 ---- Two ways to prospect:

• Recruiting first and then selling the recruit if he needs and wants the product. (You cannot require recruits to buy)


• Getting a client and then recruiting the client. (Both are effective and productive.)

No. 2 — Best market (Minimum — 4 point)
• Age 25 and up
• Married
• Children
• Employed with $50,000 income
• Own a home

No. 3 — Recruit the “Natural Market”

This is important. Theoretically, you can recruit one person with 25 referrals in his natural market and never have to prospect, cold call or talk to a stranger again:

No. 4 — Best prospects

• Always — REFERRALS. It is impossible to win long-range unless you learn how to get and use referrals.

No. 5 — Best referrals

• The new client’s or recruit’s natural market

Protect the referrals
• Don’t let new unlicensed recruits talk to them

No. 7 — Where to recruit
• Always cross the kitchen table with husband and wife present

How long is the recruiting process?
• Minimum of 5 to 10 HOURS

No. 9 — Steps for working with referrals

• Meet referrals face to face across the kitchen table with a new recruit present.
• Pick up policies with a commitment.
• Close the referral’s personal sale
• Recruit the referral
• Get the new recruit out field training FAST
• Get the new recruit and spouse to the next Fast Start School