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Spend Less, Save More and
Always Invest 

We simply show people innovative ways to save, make, and manage money.
When it comes to money either we control it or it controls us.

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We simply show people innovative ways to save, make, and manage money. When it comes to money either we control it or it controls us

    In the end, it really is not about money.  It is about living your best life possible. Money is just the fuel that powers life. Money is simply a tool to help you get where you want to go. True wealth is much more than money but financial freedom does give you more options and time freedom.  We believe that's what everyone really wants....time freedom. It's very tough to have time freedom without income.

So if Financial Freedom is the goal you have landed in the right place.

The next question for many is "How to go from impossible to possible?"

We believe that just about anyone can become financially free and we teach new ways to think about money.  For many, when they thing of money they think about problems and stress.  We want to change that pardigm and instead think opportunity and possibliites when it comes to money and finance.

You don’t have to work till you die but you will need a solid financial plan.

We would like to share with you smarter, safer, more complete, ways to get there.

Don't take our word for expect us to prove it to you.




Six Step Solution

1) Increase Cash Flow

We look for money where it normally hides. We look for ways to free up money that your already spending and redirect that help create greater financial security.  It's very simple when you know how.


2) Ensure Proper Protection.

   To make sure you are protected from a catastrophe: Accident, illness, injury, a sudden death, or disability.   To make sure that you are protected from the liabilities in  life and avoid financial meltdown


3) Establish an Emergency Fund

  So that if a real emergency happens in your life you can just write out a check rather than having to finance it with credit cards.  

4) Debt Mastery

Ways to consolidate, eliminate, and restructure debt.  Restructuring debt can bring cash flow to the table.


5) Long Term Savings

Saving money on a long-term basis must outpace inflation and minimize taxes.

6) Estate Preservation

Once we have built wealth now we need to preserve and protect it.  Examine things like: Proper guardianship for children, elimination of probate expenses, living trusts, wills, durable powers of attorney, health care proxy, and credit shelter trust


Increase Cash Flow

Financial freedom is achieved not only through accumulation but also by practicing expense reduction and debt elimination. 
If you do not know your current financial position, it is impossible for you to live your ideal life style or to properly plan for your future.  

Therefore the first step is to understand your current financial position.  To budget is to plan, to add value and impact to your life! 
In the budgeting process, you will know the YOUR numbers and not be guessing, at your numbers. 
To achieve true financial independence and liberation requires discipline planning, integrated with your lifestyle. 
Making wise decisions and discipline with money is a skill you can develop.   These are skills that don't develop naturally they MUST be cultivated.  These skills
are not taught in school. 

The key here is budgeting does not add limits; it removes them!


It's not what you make...

Have you ever thought about how much money you have earned in the past 3,5,10 years.

 Now ask yourself, how much of that do you still have?  The old saying "it's not how much you make it's how much you get to keep" that really matters.

We ask people all the time: Are you happy with the money you saved?  Most reply of course not.

"Nobody ever went broke saving money"


Financial Independence is nothing more than a pool of money big enough to produce an income stream to pays all your bills and meet all you’re needs

Only One Kind of Money


How we are different. We educate and coach people to see money and finance in a whole new way.

Let me ask you:

 "If I Had more money I would have a better financial plan?".
or is it?
"If I had a better financial plan I would have more money?"

Using our six step solution, finding money and creating income we can turn seemingly hopeless situations into excitement.

We don’t separate people from their money…

Do you think you would be better off or worse off financially if you had a money coach, and advisor?

How big of a plan would you want if it was free?
It's not really free but it's close.  Meaning if you did not have to fund it each month that's about as close to free as you can get.  Right?
We can show you how to have us fund your plan for you by becoming a referral partner.


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