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Imagine a DEBT free life

It's much closer than you think!

Debt Management

When it comes to your money take control and become, Stress Free, Debt Free, Risk Free, and Tax Free.

Our Mission We know that your financial successno matter your current situation or economic status, is achievable.  We walk alongside you in your journey to financial success helping to assess your situation, show you how money really works, and find the right solutions that best suits your needs. We either master our money or it masters us. Many of our biggest problems in life are about money.
Earning it, saving it, spending it, investing it, and especially losing it. You are the one responsible and you are the one that should be in control of your money.

We are an independent financial planning company. We shop the marketplace for the best the financial industry has to offer and deliver them directly to you. We have a tool box full of financial tools.


Six Steps to Financial Security

1) Increase Cash Flow
What a consultant does is help you to find "new" money. We gather some information and then we'll look for money where it normally hides. We look for ways to free up money that your already spending and redirect that help create greater financial security. We want to help you to be in control of your money and get your money really working for you.

2) Ensure Proper Protection.  To make sure you are protected from a catastrophe: Accident, illness, injury, a sudden death, or disability. To make sure that you are protected from the liabilities in life and avoid financial meltdown

3) Establish an Emergency Fund  Building into that fund at least three months of expenses. So that if a real emergency happens in your life you can just write out a check rather than having to finance it with credit cards. This gives you some breathing room; it's a buffer between you and the real world. So that you can get out of debt, really out.

4) Debt Management & Debt Mastery Ways to consolidate, eliminate, and restructure debt. Taxed advantaged debt when possible. Restructuring debt can bring cash flow to the table. Once you understand how debt is structured you'll be ruined for life.

5) Long Term Savings Saving money on a long-term basis must outpace inflation and minimize taxes. Financial Independence is nothing more than a pool of money big enough to produce an income stream to pays all your bills and meet all you’re needs.

6) Estate Preservation Avoid probate and maintain privacy. Once we have built wealth now we need to preserve and protect it. Examine things like: Proper guardianship for children, elimination of probate expenses, living trusts, wills, durable powers of attorney, health care proxy, and credit shelter trusts.


Eliminate all the ways people fail financially

Learn simple ways to pay yourself first without increasing your monthly payments.
Eliminate all the ways people fail financially. Eliminate debt, market losses, tax losses, fees and put your finances on autopilot.
Eliminate all the ways that people lose and winning becomes automatic.


Simple Money Rules

Money Rules
1)   never lose money.
2)   never pay more in tax than you have to.
3)  never let your money stop compounding.


What STOPS people?

"I don't have any extra money"

 Nobody really has EXTRA money. Understand that and we are the solution and not the problem.
The problem is you don't have any money and we provide the solutions. Ready or not begin at once.
Everyone can have a better financial program and everyone can change their financial path starting today.
Humble starts can build financial empires.

Is it? "I would have a better plan if I had more money? 
Or is it?
I would have more money if I had a better plan"

Learn how to be debt free in eight years or less including a 30-year mortgage without increasing your monthly payments. Learn how to have financial security and peace of mind without increasing your monthly payments
We do not separate people from their money.
If you took money from one pocket and put some in another pocket wouldn't you have the same amount of money?
Nobody ever went broke saving money!!!


How to eliminate money stress

 Fiscal Fitness Checkup
Learn easy to use systems and programs that put your fiscal life on autopilot. Learn how you can be more responsible with money, have greater control and have peace of mind. Eliminate stress, and eliminate financial worries. When it comes to money: responsibility and control create power and financial power creates personal power.

What is most important to you in your life?  Understand money is not the most important thing in life but it is right up there with oxygen. Money is a necessity and we all have to have it. We're not talking about the love of money but using money in a in a responsible and smart way. Using money as the vehicle to live our life the way we choose… Financial Freedom.
Too many people are captives or prisoners of money.

How we get paid 
We do charge for putting together your Financial Independence Plan.
Learn ways to accelerate your financial independence.
No matter what financial challenges you face whether its debt, poor savings habits lack of security lack of control and responsibility together we can successfully resolve those issues and put you on the right path.

Would You Agree?
Most people would like to save more and spend less

When was the Last Time someone talked to you about saving money FOR YOU?
When do you think, the NEXT Time will be?
Are you happy with the amount of money you have saved? 
We can show you how to save more right now.