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No Brainer Prospecting

1. YOU: "DO you have money in the "market"? or
“By the way, how are your investments doing IRA 401k?”
(If they answer is, “I don’t have any investments.”
You : Does that concern you?…)
2. THEM: “Fine…”
3. YOU: “May I ask what your rate of return was last year?”
4. THEM: “It was good.” or "My accounts are up"
5. YOU: “Like 3% or 5%?”
6. THEM: “I don’t know exactly.”
7. YOU: “Do you think that is important to know?”
8. THEM: “Yeah, I guess so.”
9. YOU: “Do you know what level of risk you are assuming to get that return?”
10. THEM: “Risk level? What do you mean?”
11. YOU: “Your portfolio is setup to incur a certain amount of risk. Do you think this is important information to know?”
12. THEM: “Yeah, I guess so.”
"How do you measure risk in your invesments?
Them "huh?"
You: "Do you think that's important to know?"
13. YOU: “Would you like a no charge, second opinion to make sure you’re getting what you think you’re getting? I have access to a team of experts that can do that for you.”
"My first priority would be to get a second opinion"
14. THEM: “Ok, what do you need?”
15. YOU: “I just need a copy of a recent statement. If it turns out you’re ok, we’ll tell you otherwise we’ll suggest ways to improve. Sound good?”
16. THEM: “Ok. What should I do?”
17. YOU: “Just get me a copy of your latest statement . Of course, everything will be held in strict confidence.” We dont need account numbers or anything that identifies you so you can leave that off.