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Noble Exchange Principles


These noble principles are very important ways to distinguish ourselves from other companies.  You may find higher personal production contracts outside. Do you really want to be a personal producer forever?  You will never find a better company to make money with.  These principles have their foundation in the higher laws of trust and integrity.

  1. Personal Sale Exchange Principle

This is a reward for bringing you in to the business and working with you.  Trainer’s compensation.  You give up one for the right to receive 100’s later. You exchange your sale for the right to receive sales from your team. Is that fair?

  1. Field Training Exchange

Three training sales split sales.  This is the compensation to the trainer for training you, building a team for you, building a referral base for you.  Would you give up three/six oranges if you could get an orange tree?  Three sales x 10 referrals =  3 New Associates, 20 new referrals plus 75 from top 25.

  1. Referral Exchange

Your not lic yet and friends and family either can’t or won’t wait.  Your team will do what you do.  Waiting If you wait then your team will wait. Send them in and let an experienced person do good things for them.  An experience trainer will get referrals and new teammates

  1. Promotion Exchange

You have to hit the numbers and so will your team.  Weak vs. Strong.  You don’t want to have people at higher contracts then they merit.  It’s not profitable to then help those with a high contract when they should be strong in the business.  Promote Weak = Weak Team ;  Promote Strong = Strong Team

  1. Builders Exchange

Allows you to build deep and still be profitable

  1. Nobility Exchange

Focus on getting your leader to their next level.  Guess what your team will do.  They will focus on getting you to the next level.  You be the best cheerleader for your leader.  All great leaders are great followers.


A No-Brainer exchange...An Orange for an Orange Tree....How about an Orange Grove!