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Just about every recruiter would like to recruit a BIG HITTER.
You know the kind of person who jumps on board, brings in hundreds of people, builds a massive network, and climbs to the top rank in your company - and you are their sponsor.

Well the reality is that you have to become the type of person who would attract a big hitter. Big hitters like to hang out with other big hitters, so you need to become one to attract one.

However, the good news is that there are lots of big hitters who haven't hit it big yet and you can attract them right now and become big hitters together, so instead of looking for the big hitter, sift for those who have a big WHY, are teachable, are willing to work, and who want to become a big hitter and sponsor them.

That's how you become a big hitter and then you will attract others like you.