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A Smarter More Complete Alternative to 401K or IRA


Tax Free & Risk Free Income

The Little Known IRS Sec.7702(a) allows you to :

  • Invest after- tax funds, without limits.
  • Never suffer losses on your investment.
  • Get the highs of the Stock Market, never the lows, guaranteed by the strongest insurance companies in the country.
  • Pay NO taxes on the growth or withdrawal of funds.
  • Have your funds available at any time, for any reason,(college, emergencies, vacations ,investments, equipment purchase, etc.) without penalties or taxes & protected from creditors & lawsuits.
  • Receive 3 to 4 times more spendable income than a 401k, IRA or other plans, WHEN USED FOR RETIREMENT.
  • Have free, built in insurance to provide tax free funds in case of death, disability or on diagnosis of a serious illness.
  • Being your own bank , high returns, insurance guarantees against loss, liquidity  and tax free status, all make the IRS Sec. 7702(a) the perfect saving vehicle for almost any purpose.

Tax History

How much money you have sheltered from taxes?

…not deferred income, but tax free income

What if taxes go up…to 40%-60%-70%-80%

The historical ave. is 62% and taxes have been as high as 94%

Could it happen again? ...Is it a good bet that taxes will go higher?

Tax history


Ed Slott Video


 Who will pay your bills IF….

If you get sick?… Heart Attack?… Stroke? …Cancer?  What if you need nursing home care?

Who will complete your financial plan for your family if you die?

Market Risk

How much money you have sheltered from market risk?

What if the market goes down 30-40-50%

What happens if you need the money when the market is down?

Do you have a guarantee that you will not lose your money?

Creditors, Judgments, Lawsuits

How much money you have sheltered from creditors, judgments, lawsuits?

Could someone sue you today and take ALL of your money?

What has your portfolio returned? ….5, 7, 10, 20 years?

“Over the 15 years ending October 31,2005,  94.28% of actively managed funds did worse than the S&P” – John Stossel, author and reporter ABC’s 20/20.   Myths Lies and Downright Stupidity by John Stossel

“While 95% of funds failed to beat the S&P 500 the tiny 5% of funds that did beat the market do not do it consistently.  In other words, picking a fund that beat the market last year does not mean it will beat the market in the coming years. The real data proves that active management of funds with the goal of always beating the market average has proven to be impossible to accomplish over time”-“Stop Sitting on Your Assets” by Marian Snow

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