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Top 10 reasons why this is the best time in history to be in the financial business

By Bryan Daly, May 14th 2017

This is the greatest time ever to be in our business, and many financial professionals don’t even realize it.

Ok, here are the 10 reasons:

1. This is the biggest opportunity in the history of mankind.

Never before in history has an industry had problems, read "opportunity", that are measured in the trillions of dollars!

Never before has more than $20 trillion been accumulated in one place…. qualified plans (401k, 403b, IRA etc.). Trillions and trillions of dollars are trapped in tax prison, suffering a lifetime of liquidly risk, market risk, high fees and looming tax grabs. Crushing US Government debt, coincidentally about $20 trillion, has created a huge opportunity for planning to keep unnecessary transfers from going the IRS.
The opportunity for our clients and financial advisors has never been greater.

Tip: Clients do not buy because of bad news because people often deny or ignore bad news until confronted directly. Bad news is a great way to get attention and people will race toward opportunity.

Ask, “If I could show you how to never lose money in the market, have access, use and control of your money and legally never pay taxes on the gains would you want to know?

2. Broken promises:
Most people don’t trust Washington and Wall Street to take care of them and rightfully so.
Many governments will not be able to keep their retirement and health-care promises. It’s very rare indeed to see government keep a promise anyway. The federal government, states, counties, cities, and even towns are already defaulting on promises to retirees. What will happen when the rest of the baby boomers retire… 76 million of them? Our opportunity lies in our ability to show that we can replace these lost benefits painlessly by just re-engineering money they already have. Everyone, even the wealthiest, needs guidance.

3. Lost benefits:
Corporations and unions are facing the same challenge as governments, and they are cutting benefits. We show people how to replace all these lost benefits and then some.

4. Higher taxes:
We are the only people who can provide strategies that allow our clients to build a retirement nest egg that can be accessed without tax.

5. Life insurance:
Cash-value life insurance is essential to a quality financial plan. Permanent life insurance with living benefits must be the cornerstone, the bedrock on which all plans are placed.

Most people ignore the biggest risks in life. Live Too Long, Die Too Soon, or Get Sick. In a single program, we can provide for these risks from day one. And if they live long and prosper it will provide a tax-free, market risk free, income stream you can’t outlive.

6. Leverage:
We can use leverage to provide, with the same dollar, cover chronic illness, critical illness, and long-term needs using life insurance and annuities.

7. Guaranteed lifetime income:
We have the tools to provide income that people cannot outlive. Only we can do that.

8. Trained professionals:
We have some of the best trained professionals ever. We have strategies available to solve all the financial challenges our clients face. With our referral agent program, we can make up for lost time very quickly and greatly accelerate financial security and independence. Many quality people, more than ever before, are looking for a better way, or an encore career. Changes in global technology and labor shifts internationally have created many high-quality people to search for new way career options.

9. Compliance:
Yes compliance! The more oversight we have, the safer our prospects and clients will feel when they deal with us.

10. Huge wealth transfer:
Our competition is not even other advisors — we can’t even get to everyone we need to help. This as the number of advisors shrinks. The average age of financial advisers is 50.9 years old and 43 percent of all advisers in the U.S. are over the age of 55, according to Cerulli, a Boston-based research company that focuses on adviser trends and consumer information. Currently nearly one-third of advisers fall into the 55 to 64 range. The real challenge is getting to all the people that need our help.

“Advisors brace for the $30 trillion 'great wealth transfer”. No issue looms larger for the financial advice industry than demographics and the aging of the baby boomers. “Over the next several decades, the biggest and wealthiest generation in U.S. history will transfer roughly $30 trillion in assets to their Gen X and millennial children”. CNBC June 2016

Remember, the MOST important sale you will ever make in your career is to yourself. You MUST believe in something before you can see it, and you have to see it before you can do it. Without total belief in what you do, it is difficult to move people towards action. It’s nearly impossible “to be convincing if you are not convinced”.

We show Americans how anyone can retire with dignity, provide for themselves and keep more of their money.