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Who are the ONLY people we can't help?  Answer: victims.

Responsibility, Blame, Fault and Victims.

You may or may not be causing it and others may or may not to be blame but you are responsible.

"I did not ask who's fault it was ...I asked who is responsible."

When you are “response able” you are able to choose your response.

There can be no victims... the only person that CAN NOT be helped is the victim.

No saying “But I had no other choice.”
No arguing for your weakness, no whining or moaning about how it wasn’t your fault or you couldn’t help it or you had a flat tire or the dog ate your homework.

Being responsible means accepting full accountability for the outcome, not for having made an effort.

Effort is nice but it’s not good enough. It’s performance that counts.
Don’t tell me how rocky the sea is, just bring the darn ship and its cargo into safe harbor. Don't tell me about the labor pains just show me the baby

Being “response able” means you have full control of that gap between stimulus and response.

You have the emotional strength, the mental power, the personal maturity, the discipline to choose your response to any situation, and then the ability to effectively implement that chosen response.

A victim mentality may show itself in a range of different behaviors or ways of thinking and speaking:

• Blaming others for a situation.
• Failing or being unwilling to take responsibility
• Ascribing non-existent negative intentions to other people.
• Believing that other people are generally or fundamentally luckier and happier ("Why me?").
• Gaining short-term pleasure from feeling sorry for oneself or eliciting pity from others.
• Eliciting sympathy by telling exaggerated stories about bad deeds of other people - .....gossip.

People with victim mentality may develop convincing and sophisticated arguments in support of such ideas, which they then use to convince themselves and others of their victim status.

People with victim mentality may also be generally:
• negative, focus on bad rather than good.
• self-absorbed: unable or reluctant to consider a situation from the point of view of other people or to "walk a mile in their shoes".
• defensive: In conversation, reading a non-existent negative intention into a neutral question and reacting with an accusation, hindering the solution of problems and instead creating conflict.

Begin by being empowered Take full charge of yourself and YOUR business.