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Schedule success.

Most agents don't have a daily plan.
This is odd, because in the traditional business world, it's rare to find a business owner without a business plan.
So, blueprint_prints
Your plan should include your WHY (the reason you are in the financial business), goals (steps necessary to achieve your WHY, and daily activities (things you will do every day to reach your goals).

Once you have this part of your plan complete, then it's just a matter of scheduling high priority activities every day.
These would include introducing your business/products to new people, following up, enrolling new agents, training those new agents, supporting your team.

During the first couple years of your business, you should invest between 80% and 90% of your available time introducing the business to new people and following up.

Once you have a team of 500 active agents or more, you can drop down to 70% to 80% of your time introducing the business and the rest in training and supporting your team.

You should never get to a point where you aren't investing time each week to prospecting for new agents.

Take these priority activities and block time in your calendar.
Give them priority over television and other entertainment, at least until you have built a network of 100+ active people.

Schedule high priority daily business activities every day and you are scheduling your success.